Funny Mad Libs word lists: Adjectives, Nouns, and Verbs

Nouns factory reset button blood rage idiot toaster legend death wish therapy goal in life marketing idea psychic knife sandwich hunting ground lettuce kitty friendly grandma french chef antidepressant drug corn cake president of the night candlestick maker coffee pot brethren national security agency tank useless brakes international law enforcement agency sound barrier skinny woman private investor main people stock car elastic band whole blood telephone mad cow disease scourge…

Silly list of randomly generated Halloween Greetings


Have a deadly beggers night, you foul werewolf. Have a nefarious vampire hunt, you dark witch. Have a woeful Halloween bath, you worthless horror. Have a detrimental scary life, you cheap Brute. Have a pejorative pumpkin day, you ignominious unicorn. Have a repellent Halloween, you eerie unicorn. Have a lousy Halloween dinner, you beastly wretch. Have a horrid zombie adventure, you phantasmal giant. Have a wicked hateful time, you creepy…

Great Word List of Christmas Verbs


acknowledge appreciate attend believe bless carol carve celebrate cook count deck the halls decorate deliver dine donate eat entertain exchange feed gather gift give give praise give thanks hark honor host jingle leave light love nap open overflow party praise pray receive reflect regift rejoice remember roast serve share shop sing snooze snow socialize spike surprise symbolize thank wake watch worship wrap write

Excellent word list of Christmas Nouns


Advent advent calendar angel announcement babe baby bells Bethlehem Bethlehem birth birth of Christ blessing bough buffet dinner busy elves camel candles candy cane carol caroler cedar celebration cheer chestnuts chimney chimney Chistmas sales Christ Christ Child Christmas Christmas card Christmas carol Christmas cookie Christmas day Christmas Eve Christmas future Christmas gift Christmas lights Christmas miracle Christmas morning Christmas pageant Christmas past Christmas play Christmas present Christmas star Christmas tree…

Great word list of Christmas Adjectives


angelic anticipating arctic blessed blustery born candlelit chilly Christian clear cold cozy crackling crisp crunchy crystalline dashing decorated enchanted excited exhausted faithful festive fireside flannel fleecy fluffy frosty frozen generous gift-wrapped giving glacial glistening golden gracious green gusty happy harsh hazy heated holiday holy ice-kissed icy indoor jingling jolly joyful joyous knee-deep lavish lighted loving magical melting merry miraculous misty nippy northern opaline piney polar powdery pure white red red…

Excellent word list of Thanksgiving Verbs


acknowledge appreciate bake baste bless break bread carve celebrate chow cook defeather dine eat enjoy feast feel full gather gobble harvest have honor host join leave nap overflow pace pass praise pray reap reflect rejoice relax remember remind us say grace serve share sit slather snooze sow spread stuff symbolize thank think toast travel unite visit wash watch welcome

Great word list of Thanksgiving Nouns


acorn acorns America American holiday american indians ancestors apple pie appreciation aroma autumn autumn leaves beans beets biscuits black Friday blanket blessings bonfire boots bounty brunch buns bushel candy corn card table casserole celebration centerpiece change of season cheer chestnuts chipmunk cider cinnamon clouds cobwebs coffee cold colonists corn cornbread cornstalks cornucopia cranberries cranberry cranberry sauce crops crow dark meat dessert dinner dish donations drumstick faith fall fall break fall…

Excellent list of Thanksgiving adjectives

thanksgiving adjectives

abundant abundant amber American ample annual appreciative autumnal autumnal back-to-school baked best big blessed blustery bountiful bountiful breezy brief bright brilliant brisk brown buttery candied changing cheerful chilly classic cold colder colored colorful comfortable continual cooling cozy crackling creamy crisp crisp crunchy customary deciduous deep delicious delicious devout drowsy earthy elegant enchanting enjoyable fallen family-style fervent fireside first flannel foggy foraging fortunate fresh frosty fun-filled general generous glad glazed gold…

List of 200 Monsters for random sentence generator

list of 200 monsters

abominable snowman angel banshee basilisk beast behemoth bogey man Brute cyclops demon devil djinn dragon elf fairy fiend fire-breathing dragon Frankenstein’s monster freak gargoyle genii ghost ghoul giant gnome Godzilla golum gorgon hag harpy horror hydra imp jinn kelpie lake spirit leprechaun leviathan little people Loch Ness monster medusa merman mermaid monster mummy Nessie nymph ogre orc Pegasus phoenix rain bird raven spirit Japanese dragon savage sea monster shapeshifter siren…