Useful Websites for Editing and Organizing Lists

If you have a long list of words to organize and need to speed up the process, try these websites. They alphabetize, remove punctuation, randomize, number, add html, remove formatting, remove duplicates, sort, strip html and much more. Text Mechanicâ„¢ – Text Manipulation Tools teXtris – Do Useful Stuff with Text! The Alphabetizer

Huge List of Exclamations and Interjections

bah bam duh eek eww jfc man not nup omg wow wtf yea baby burn cool crap d’oh damn dang fine foxy fuck geez grrr pfft phew piss rats safe shit veto woot word yeah as if balls bammo check daddy drats grand great jeeze lordy me-ow oh no peace plush right roger shoot showy solid uh-oh yipee anywho blimey bloody bright cheers encore killer lavish lovely my ass no…