Funny Nouns for Mad Libs

goatskin wealth troll serpent drunk sapphire cleaver chariot wizard pilgrim carrot husband catastrophe complexity barbarian incantation combat stewardship soup empire parasite darkling sloth bears menfolk dragon sausage splinter honeysuckle moonbeams beast informer bodyguard trappings humanitarian knife threshold throne shaman hostility dignity drapery spittle priestess walnut plague twig devotion scribe humans rival weapon curses hierarchy enemies nobleman weapon mistress nostril fortune obscenity partridge tapestries putrescence gossipmonger orb haze provision shackle

Funny Adjectives for Mad Libs

hysterical spidery sleepless fractured benighted proven barbed sacrificed disreputable rancid unspoken stunned immobilized querulous murdering congratulating deprived foreign filthy spitfire primitive craggy disobeyed unintelligible embarrassed waving rotting oak unseeing loyal vile dour swelling flexible bloodless splashed sketched emblazoned infant studded barren screeching emerging drafty flaming flooded pathless absent Drowsy gripping engrossed shaky

Exclamations and Interjections without Swearing

jumpin’ George sheesh malarkey raspberries frack rackafratz jeepers sunny beach shamalama H-E-double toothpicks geez Louise daggummit gosh goshdarnit dagnabit whillikins blangdang grasshole poppycock shnikes wow goodness gracious cheeses tool beans blasted mother blanker bunk freaking pickle-puss dingdong sugar dipstick blast it eat slugs zounds what the frog? fiddlesticks dratted monkey flunker holy crow bloody falderal blow heck hockey puck hokum bloomin’ ballshirt a pox upon it nonsense earwax rassa-frazzin’ holy…