How to Make Randomly Generated Titles and Sentences

What are randomly generated sentences and titles? Well, they’re like Mad-Libs, only you are making the entire sentence. Here are a few examples of sentences and also a long list of free book titles that I’ve made with the process.

There are lots of uses for this activity, besides entertainment. It is handy for coming up with a list of passwords or usernames. I’ve used it for greeting cards and poetry. It’s helpful for coming up with character names and book titles. It helped my kids learn the different parts of speech.

Here’s how to do it

Step 1. Open this website in a separate tab: There is also an iPad app that will do the same thing. I made these silly sentences using the iPad app, but it’s not as easy to work with called Idea Phrase Creator 

Step 2. Decide on the sentence structure and open the word lists you need for it. For example, Once I filled in the first box with this list, then creepy verb list, creepy adjective list, monster list.

Endless possibilities! Scramble each list here to come up with 200 different sentences every time. See some of my results here.

Step 3.  In the delimiter section between lists, be sure to add a space or a word that will fit your sentence together. For example, I added the word ‘the’ between my verb and adjective lists. Your sentence can be as long as you want; just click add box to insert more lists.

Feel free to use my word lists:

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