A laughing list of funny nouns

abstract preventive strike affectionate thief agreeable scourge upon the earth air-conditioned freak anatomically designed life companion annual bitterness approachable prick asymmetrical brethren at-the-ready fluff ball athletic baptist priest automotive sewing-machine operator [ . . . ]

Even more funny Nouns for Mad Libs

barbarian bears beast bodyguard carrot catastrophe chariot cleaver combat complexity curses darkling devotion dignity dragon drapery drunk empire enemies fortune goatskin gossipmonger haze hierarchy honeysuckle hostility humanitarian humans husband incantation [ . . . ]

List of Places for Mad Libs

castle yard prison cornfield garbage pile pasture embankment chamber rooftop inner bailey bathroom cafeteria stairwell seashore parapet auction house toy store oral surgeon

Funny noun list for mad libs

abnormal behavior amish folk animal psychology department antidepressant drug baby background story baptist church big jerk big polar bear biology lab body boiling water bored child bouncy ball brainchild brethren [ . . . ]

List of funny nouns

abnormal behavior abusive husband aggressive criminal alien invasion American Indian Amish folk animal psychology department anticipated front antidepressant drug applesauce arrogant hitman article of clothing background story bad-tempered troll baked [ . . . ]

Funny nouns for mad libs

sweet tailpipe exorcism double fault locker room bare bottom aspirin powder knight’s service electric furnace gothic romance toast short-haired idiot travel guidebook salad physics lab consumer glitter character witness boiling [ . . . ]