Diabolically hilarious adjectives

aristocratic avenging awkward bearded belittling betrayed bittersweet blackguard bounding bullied caged clumsy common confused crackling cramping creeping crestfallen crushed darkest deadly demolished destroyed determined diabolical discontent disgraced dismissed distraught drinking [ . . . ]

Let the sunshine on this list of summer nouns

ablaze abloom absurdity active air-conditioned alive allergic amusement park backyard ball balmy barefoot bath beach beatitude beautiful blast blazing blessedness bliss blistering blossom boiling breezy bright bud buffoonery burning camper [ . . . ]

Shave-worthy list of hairy Adjectives

bearded awful bristly brown bushy bushy charming clean-shaven close-trimmed coarse conventional curly dastardly dirty distinguished drooping epic evil fancy flippy flowing fluffy full fuzzy glorious gorgeous hairy handlebar hipster hunky [ . . . ]

Funny Mad Libs Word Lists: Adjectives, Nouns, and Verbs

Nouns factory reset button blood rage idiot toaster legend death wish therapy goal in life marketing idea psychic knife sandwich hunting ground lettuce kitty friendly grandma french chef antidepressant drug [ . . . ]

List of 148 lowercase, mismatched adverb/verb combinations sorted by length.

far framed wisely fed quirkily cut fairly pinged gladly vented truly skidded sharply dived boldly fought openly skewed dimly riposted upbeat slammed crossly gulped lazily created really elbowed yearly hovered [ . . . ]

1505 Ludicrous silly mad-lib sentences

The impetuous, callous garden rarely kneeled from the spotty turkey. The revolting, bold judge was especially beating above the brokenhearted sombrero. The cruel, festive slip was hourly poking to the [ . . . ]

Humorous list of nouns with silly descriptive adjectives.

able sisters abnormal taste above average fire above average prose absent-minded life raft adaptable history adaptable presbyterian church adorable zebra adventurous hobbies adventurous kick affable laborer affable rattail cactus affectionate [ . . . ]

Dialog tags, alternate ways to say ‘said’

acknowledged added admitted advised affirmed agreed alleged alluded announced answered apologized appealed argued articulated asserted assured avowed babbled bargained barked bawled began begged bellowed blurted boasted bragged cajoled cautioned challenged [ . . . ]