Funny Mad Libs Word Lists: Adjectives, Nouns, and Verbs

Nouns factory reset button blood rage idiot toaster legend death wish therapy goal in life marketing idea psychic knife sandwich hunting ground lettuce kitty friendly grandma french chef antidepressant drug [ . . . ]

A deliberately awesome list of exclamations

“Oh, dear god!” He blurted victoriously. “They are hangning just fine!” He ground carefully. “See you in church!” He shrieked clearly. “Get liquored up!” He crowed defiantly. “Give me strength!” He [ . . . ]

Randomly generated sentences containing quotes and interjections

The unbelievably smooth priest daintily answered, “D’oh, everybody!” The satisfying someone adventurously recommended, “Hell to the no, soul!” The medium-sweet workmate nearly grunted, “Stunning, descendant!” The smooth schoolgirl knowingly exhorted, [ . . . ]

Huge List of Exclamations and Interjections

all righty alley oop alrighty and you know this man anywho as if attractive baby bah balls bam bammo bejesus big deal big whoop bleeding bless my soul blimey bloody [ . . . ]

100 Randomly generated sentences containing interjections

Shane easily shouted, “woof!” at the broken cave box. Steven loudly shouted, “yay!” at the wet pleasure window. Alexia carefully shouted, “crikey!” at the bumpy table church. Bryan accidentally shouted, [ . . . ]

100 Deranged random sentences containing interjections

The strange buddy faithfully shouted, “hey!” and anxiously hurried the airport. The bewildered workmate cruelly shouted, “eww!” and regularly diagnosed the worm. The black rank and file eventually shouted, “blah!” [ . . . ]