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  This is a collection of fun widgets I’ve created for various reasons. Some are made to help writers with ideas, and some are just for fun! Unfortunately, I made [ . . . ]

How to generate ridiculous “madlibish” sentences

Below you will find instructions on how to make your own ridiculous “madlibish” sentences. Here are a few examples of what I came up with: He accidentally killed the serious [ . . . ]

Diabolically hilarious adjectives

aristocratic avenging awkward bearded belittling betrayed bittersweet blackguard bounding bullied caged clumsy common confused crackling cramping creeping crestfallen crushed darkest deadly demolished destroyed determined diabolical discontent disgraced dismissed distraught drinking [ . . . ]

Even more funny Nouns for Mad Libs

barbarian bears beast bodyguard carrot catastrophe chariot cleaver combat complexity curses darkling devotion dignity dragon drapery drunk empire enemies fortune goatskin gossipmonger haze hierarchy honeysuckle hostility humanitarian humans husband incantation [ . . . ]

Funny Adjectives for school and Mad Libs

absent barbed barren benighted bloodless congratulating craggy deprived disobeyed disreputable dour drafty Drowsy embarrassed emblazoned emerging engrossed filthy flaming flexible flooded foreign fractured gripping hysterical immobilized infant loyal murdering oak [ . . . ]

List of Places for Mad Libs

castle yard prison cornfield garbage pile pasture embankment chamber rooftop inner bailey bathroom cafeteria stairwell seashore parapet auction house toy store oral surgeon

Bone-chilling and creepy adjectives

abhorrent abominable abusive alarming annoying appalling atrocious awful bad baleful base bat shit crazy beastly bereftoflife biting black blasphemous blood-curdling bloody bone-chilling buried cheap chilling cold contemptible corpselike costumed cowardly [ . . . ]

200 Randomly generated sentences for Halloween containing monsters

Do not alarm the awful abominable snowman Why amaze the disgusting angel Never ambuscade the disturbing banshee You should appall the eerie basilisk You shouldn’t assail the frightening beast Try [ . . . ]

A memorable list of user names or email address ideas. Gmail anyone?

cruel_gal eager_fox wild_doll zany_Miss calm_tramp bright_gal clumsy_hottie lively_mom jolly_lady wise_bimbo wise_cutie red_snuggler bright_cutie proud_soul brave_queen zany_keeper witty_lover bright_aunt clumsy_soul proud_gal witty_madam fair_fiend perfect_mom clumsy_minx wild_lassie glowing_cat brave_skirt cruel_child wise_mother eager_belle [ . . . ]

Another list of randomly generated goofy sentences

The brewery-fresh sleazeball will devour someones foot. The friendless deer antler will disappear either throat. The must-have creep will her heel. The manipulative quirk will tease this hair. The colossal [ . . . ]

More username ideas for email or accounts

NowBatSh!tCrazy ShylyKnowledgeable SadlyCooperative OftenMagnificent BadlyCooperative NeverComfortable HourlyDisheveled SafelyDelightful GladlySuccessful SeldomAggressive GentlyVictorious EasilyMysterious KindlySuccessful SlowlyDetermined NearlyDelightful FondlyDetermined RudelyAggressive LoudlyVictorious BusilyMysterious JustlyAttractive BusilyAgreeable LazilyVivacious BoldlyAmbitious RarelySparkling SoftlyAmbitious NeatlyGlamorous CalmlyConfident PoorlyMiserable ReallyEnergetic EquallyEnergetic [ . . . ]

An illustrious list of masculine username ideas for email or websites

AdorableGambler AggressiveComedian AggressiveGiant AgreeableComic AgreeableSonOfAGun AlluringFamilyMan AmbitiousHeartbreaker AmbitiousSurvivor AmusedClown AmusedThinker AttractiveBeast Batshitcrazydog BraveBrother BraveHost BraveLeader BraveMister BrightChampion BrightGuardian CalmBigDog CalmProvocateur ClumsyFather ClumsyKnight ComfortableFanboy ComfortableLaddie ConfidentSoldier CooperativeGenius CooperativeHandyman CruelBruiser CruelOddBall DelightfulMartyr [ . . . ]

List of strange randomly generated silly sentences

The brave leader will always slowly spit while overhearing. The lively fool will equally sniff no matter how he is sleeping. The positive bully may anxiously eject when breeding. The [ . . . ]