Shave-worthy list of hairy Adjectives

bearded awful bristly brown bushy bushy charming clean-shaven close-trimmed coarse conventional curly dastardly dirty distinguished drooping epic evil fancy flippy flowing fluffy full fuzzy glorious gorgeous hairy handlebar hipster hunky [ . . . ]

A deliberately awesome list of exclamations

“Oh, dear god!” He blurted victoriously. “They are hangning just fine!” He ground carefully. “See you in church!” He shrieked clearly. “Get liquored up!” He crowed defiantly. “Give me strength!” He [ . . . ]

Amazing list of nouns, no repeats

abnormal condition administrative hearing administrator aggressive criminal aggressor airplane allergy pill alligator amish sect amphibian amusement park anaconda angelfish anger antechamber antelope anti-takeover building antidepressant drug apartment apostrophe apple arithmetic [ . . . ]

A good list of nouns for students and writers

account book account executive active matrix screen administrative hearing admiralty islands admission love grass african yellowwood aunt almond-leaves willow amish sect animal psychology department annihilation antechamber anteroom anti-takeover building antidepressant [ . . . ]

A massively well rounded list of adjectives

able abnormal above average absent-minded adaptable adorable adventurous affable affectionate afraid aggressive agile agreeable alarming alert alien alive all-devouring all-night all-round alluring amazed amazing ambitious amiable amicable amused amusing analytical [ . . . ]

30 Strange Nonsense Sentences

Territorial gentlemen painfully paced the outside group. Established adolescents softly roamed the stupid bread. Rival relatives truthfully skipped the deliberate giants. Retired seniors innocently traveled the semantic ink. Peculiar opponents [ . . . ]

50 Animalistic nonsense sentences

1 The naughty gory clam only bit the sparkling fiction. 2 The startling bewildered angelfish awkwardly swept the clever compote. 3 The kind stinky forest giraffe speedily taught the boiling [ . . . ]

50 Eccentrically silly sentences

1 Their frightening grain almost stank the curly carafe. 2 Her freezing chin obediently vexed the easy going attention. 3 The uninterested we frantically stepped the elegant veil. 4 Their [ . . . ]

100 Side-splitting absurd sentences

1 Their naughty kite boldly injected the wet sleep. 2 My pretend cabbage roughly clung the furry cinnamon. 3 Another enchanting chin easily spent the boiling light. 4 Her weary [ . . . ]

100 Exceptionally silly sentences

1 My boiling mind annually knitted the curly stocking. 2 Her envious beef blindly groaned the dusty street. 3 Our upset level always overflowed on the chilly hobbies. 4 My [ . . . ]

Remarkable list of 100 goofy sentences

The acclaimed barrel will inspect a thoughtful lawsuit Her alert basketball will stir a dark-gray bean My amicable cavity search will tumble a paternal chairs His ample feather will pay [ . . . ]

Out of this world list of descriptive adjectives

adorable adventurous afraid aggressive agreeable alarming alert alien angry annoying anxious arrogant ashamed attractive average awful bad beautiful better bewildered bizarre black bloodcurdling bloody blue blue-eyed blushing boiling bored brainy [ . . . ]