Widgets! Word Lists, Writing & Fun

  This is a collection of fun widgets I’ve created for various reasons. Some are made to help writers with ideas, and some are just for fun! Unfortunately, I made [ . . . ]

Randomly generated speech and dialog tags

acknowledged sternly admitted angrily admitted successfully agreed annually agreed suddenly angled anxiously angled suspiciously answered awkwardly answered swiftly argued badly argued tenderly asked blindly asked tensely babbled boastfully babbled thoughtfully [ . . . ]

An acclaimed list speech and dialog tags

acknowledged admitted agreed angled answered argued asked babbled barked begged bellowed bemoaned blurted blustered bragged breathed called clipped commented complained confessed cried croaked crooned crowed declared declared demanded denied drawled [ . . . ]

More username ideas for email or accounts

NowBatSh!tCrazy ShylyKnowledgeable SadlyCooperative OftenMagnificent BadlyCooperative NeverComfortable HourlyDisheveled SafelyDelightful GladlySuccessful SeldomAggressive GentlyVictorious EasilyMysterious KindlySuccessful SlowlyDetermined NearlyDelightful FondlyDetermined RudelyAggressive LoudlyVictorious BusilyMysterious JustlyAttractive BusilyAgreeable LazilyVivacious BoldlyAmbitious RarelySparkling SoftlyAmbitious NeatlyGlamorous CalmlyConfident PoorlyMiserable ReallyEnergetic EquallyEnergetic [ . . . ]

An illustrious list of masculine username ideas for email or websites

AdorableGambler AggressiveComedian AggressiveGiant AgreeableComic AgreeableSonOfAGun AlluringFamilyMan AmbitiousHeartbreaker AmbitiousSurvivor AmusedClown AmusedThinker AttractiveBeast Batshitcrazydog BraveBrother BraveHost BraveLeader BraveMister BrightChampion BrightGuardian CalmBigDog CalmProvocateur ClumsyFather ClumsyKnight ComfortableFanboy ComfortableLaddie ConfidentSoldier CooperativeGenius CooperativeHandyman CruelBruiser CruelOddBall DelightfulMartyr [ . . . ]

Dialog tags, alternate ways to say ‘said’

acknowledged added admitted advised affirmed agreed alleged alluded announced answered apologized appealed argued articulated asserted assured avowed babbled bargained barked bawled began begged bellowed blurted boasted bragged cajoled cautioned challenged [ . . . ]

A good list of nouns for students and writers

account book account executive active matrix screen administrative hearing admiralty islands admission love grass african yellowwood aunt almond-leaves willow amish sect animal psychology department annihilation antechamber anteroom anti-takeover building antidepressant [ . . . ]