Verbs ending in ING, present tense

abiding accelerating accepting accomplishing achieving acquiring acceding activating adapting adding addressing administering admiring admitting adopting advising affording agreeing alerting alighting allowing altering amusing analyzing announcing annoying answering anticipating apologizing appearing [ . . . ]

A massively well rounded list of adjectives

able abnormal above average absent-minded adaptable adorable adventurous affable affectionate afraid aggressive agile agreeable alarming alert alien alive all-devouring all-night all-round alluring amazed amazing ambitious amiable amicable amused amusing analytical [ . . . ]

25 Insane sentences from the random sentence generator

1 The boy will sleepily identify out of a polite scared cord. 2 The cabbage will carefully carry instead of the appalling invisible drive-through. 3 The calculator will carefully pass [ . . . ]

100 Deranged random sentences containing interjections

The strange buddy faithfully shouted, “hey!” and anxiously hurried the airport. The bewildered workmate cruelly shouted, “eww!” and regularly diagnosed the worm. The black rank and file eventually shouted, “blah!” [ . . . ]