Flippantly ridiculous mad-lib sentences with nonsense exclamations.

Santa purposely said, “MOON!” at the clever hair-raising stew. My cat quietly said, “FLAME!” at the amused unusual fuel. By accident, he correctly yelled, “SOFA!” at the warm thrilling church. [ . . . ]

100 Randomly generated sentences containing interjections

Shane easily shouted, “woof!” at the broken cave box. Steven loudly shouted, “yay!” at the wet pleasure window. Alexia carefully shouted, “crikey!” at the bumpy table church. Bryan accidentally shouted, [ . . . ]

25 Humorous randomly generated sentences

1 The amused baby gnashed the enchanting field humor. 2 The angry workmate cried a real drive-through distance. 3 The chilling schoolmate typecast the bewildered celery army. 4 The clean [ . . . ]

Imposing, and thought-provoking adjectives

abdominovesical aberrant abhorrent abkhazian abloom abolitionary abortive aboveboard abreast abrupt absorbefacient absorbing abused abuzz abysmal acanthous acaulescent accessible accessory accomplishable acculturative accusing accusive accustomed acerb acetabular acetous achenial achondroplastic achromatic [ . . . ]

Great list of past tense verbs

abided accelerated accepted accomplished achieved acquired acted activated adapted added addressed administered admired admitted adopted advised afforded agreed alerted alighted allowed altered amused analyzed announced annoyed answered anticipated apologized appeared [ . . . ]

Huge word list of Verbs ending in ‘ed’

abased abated abducted abjured abled abraded abreacted absconded absented abutted acceded accelerated accented accentuated acclimatized accompanied accrued accursed accustomed ached acid-washed actioned actualized ad-libbed adapted added addicted addled adjourned adjusted [ . . . ]