List of funny nouns

abnormal behavior abusive husband aggressive criminal alien invasion American Indian Amish folk animal psychology department anticipated front antidepressant drug applesauce arrogant hitman article of clothing background story bad-tempered troll baked [ . . . ]

Amazing list of nouns, no repeats

abnormal condition administrative hearing administrator aggressive criminal aggressor airplane allergy pill alligator amish sect amphibian amusement park anaconda angelfish anger antechamber antelope anti-takeover building antidepressant drug apartment apostrophe apple arithmetic [ . . . ]

Enormous list of verbs ending in ‘ING’

abiding acceding accelerating accepting accomplishing achieving acquiring activating adapting adding addressing administering admiring admitting adopting advising affording agreeing alerting alighting allowing altering amusing analyzing announcing annoying answering apologizing appearing applauding [ . . . ]

1505 Ludicrous silly mad-lib sentences

The impetuous, callous garden rarely kneeled from the spotty turkey. The revolting, bold judge was especially beating above the brokenhearted sombrero. The cruel, festive slip was hourly poking to the [ . . . ]

Mega-huge list of adverbs

abhorrently abidingly abjectly abnormally aboard abominably abortedly abrasively abroad abruptly absent-mindedly absently absentmindedly absolutely absorbantly absorbedly absorbingly abstainedly abstentiously abstinently abstractedly abstractly abstrusely absurdly abundantly abusedly abusively abysmally academically acapella [ . . . ]

Humorous list of nouns with silly descriptive adjectives.

able sisters abnormal taste above average fire above average prose absent-minded life raft adaptable history adaptable presbyterian church adorable zebra adventurous hobbies adventurous kick affable laborer affable rattail cactus affectionate [ . . . ]

Two dozen randomly generated silly sentences

The six-gilled shark smoothly slid underneath Japanese contradictoriness. The eskimo dog politely screeched at the critical chemical plant. The tea cosy eventually wobbled onto the ministerial legal document. The artillery [ . . . ]

Funny nouns for mad libs

sweet tailpipe exorcism double fault locker room bare bottom aspirin powder knight’s service electric furnace gothic romance toast short-haired idiot travel guidebook salad physics lab consumer glitter character witness boiling [ . . . ]

A batty grouping of randomly generated sentences

His leviathan equally fastened the hot-headed flexible bullshit That witch solemnly squashed the best-known floaty problem His sprite rightfully shrugged the easy going fluffy poser Their giant daintily happened the [ . . . ]

A despicable list of negative deplorable words

adverse alarming angry annoy anxious apathy appalling atrocious awful bad banal barbed belligerent bemoan beneath boring broken callous can’t clumsy coarse cold cold-hearted collapse confused contradictory contrary corrosive corrupt crazy [ . . . ]

List of personal qualities and character traits, adjectives

able abnormal absent-minded above average adventurous affectionate agile agreeable alert amazing ambitious amiable amusing analytical angelic apathetic apprehensive ardent artificial artistic assertive attentive average awesome awful balanced beautiful below average [ . . . ]

Dialog tags, alternate ways to say ‘said’

acknowledged added admitted advised affirmed agreed alleged alluded announced answered apologized appealed argued articulated asserted assured avowed babbled bargained barked bawled began begged bellowed blurted boasted bragged cajoled cautioned challenged [ . . . ]