Widgets! Word Lists, Writing & Fun


This is a collection of fun widgets I’ve created for various reasons. Some are made to help writers with ideas, and some are just for fun! Unfortunately, I made them with JavaScript and many browsers block them. They were blog posts, but I’ve removed them and placed them here. Check back occasionally, because this list will grow.

The Writer’s  Widget helps with speech tags and facial expressions in writing, but my favorite option is the great retorts generator. It’s a big help with dialogue between characters when you’re stumped about what to have them say.

The Ridiculously Important Notice Generator whips up a goofy new important notice every time!

The Word Fun Widget includes a mad-lib sentence generator, a generator for female usernames, male nicknames, and also a silly important notice generator.

This Funny Word Combo Generator is great if you need a verb, noun or exclamation for mad-libs or anything at all.

…stay tuned to this channel! More are on the way!

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